the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 74 – Come On Over

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I’d like to invite you to:
Step into this magical world
Where abundant fruit
Falls off the vine
Off the bush
Off the tree
Discover it here:
The sun-sweetened pears
The juicy berries
Of the blue, rasp, and straw variety
Taste the sugar-drenched
Natural desserts of the land
Around the corner, you’ll find it:
Freshly brewed cider
Infused with gala apples
Or red strawberries
Iced and poured into a chilled glass
Or frozen into a small icicle
That you can take with you
As you venture one
Smell that?
Inhale it:
Apple cider pastries
Mixed berry scones
And spring lemonade
Or summer iced tea
Or fall chai
Or winter cocoa
See there:
Pour a glass of wine
Throw in the gently washed
Sliced fruit
Kick back
And take a sip
You’re here


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