the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 70 – Mind Your Madness

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Lists, too many fucking lists
Letters and numbers
Don’t forget to do this
Or to go here
Or to pack this
Or to buy that
Or to work hard
Or to get to work
Or to be on time
Or to not run on Filipino time
Or to relax
Or to eat
Or to sleep
Or to dream
Or to cry
Or to listen
Or to ignore
Or to avoid
Did you go to the bathroom yet?
Wash your hands
Take out the damn trash
Why are you doing their dishes?
Laundry, you have a lot of fucking laundry to do, you know?
Do you really need to buy that?
Why are you eating this?
Stop it
Hey, he’s not listening
She’s not smiling back
Remember to remember to gain what you lack
I don’t care if they are rude,
Don’t be rude back
What the fuck, he just yelled at his phone?
Yeah, refine how you react.
Did you update the document?
Or prepare for tomorrow?
Bring less, pack lighter,
Remember, your back hurts.
How about planning your outfit?
Wear what weather will permit
Did you hear that?
It’s raining
Wait the forecast didn’t predict that
Shit, you want to finish that book…
But your reading list keeps growing!
The movie is coming out soon,
Will you finish in time?
Bring your fucking watch
So you won’t be late
Speaking of late,
Why the hell does it always come late?
It’s unnatural,
You’re abnormal
Yeah I just called you weird
And unbalanced
Did anyone ever tell you that you are unstable?
You’re welcome
Oh thanks, no problem
Let me just run a red light,
So you can’t cross the street safely
You walk around like a robot anyway
Your ears plugged with little marshmallows
That drown out the sounds
Did you even charge your iPod?
What about your phone?
It’s dying
Oh shit, you’re hungry?
Well you have to fucking wait
It’s not 3 o’clock yet
Yeah you heard me,
Your stomach comes second
Your nonsensical musical
Playing in your head?
Yeah, that comes first.


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