the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 58 – Strangers

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He walks in, stands for a few seconds.

Takes his post as if it was in the script: stand ready by the door.

A few minutes in, he takes a seat, no distractions.

Well, actually he has a beautiful novel in his lap.

He is entranced by it, not aware of the movement.

The motions.

He reads with a hunger and I envy it.

I am jealous of him.

But I am pleased.

Too busy stereotyping every type of person that I see.

She sits before me.

Chin resting upon her gently clenched fist.

Clothed in thin green garments, fabric with tan designs.

Green and gold thread, creating jagged fine lines.

Soft olive skin, clear and refined.

She speaks with every expression on her tired face.

A black scarf that is serving as the perfect cover-up.

She leans back and rests her eyes for a while.

And I envy it.

I am jealous of her.

But I am pleased.

So what am I waiting for?

And we.

We pass along with no contact.

No eyes cross paths.

No paths catch eyes.

No paths, no eyes, catch attention of those who pass by.

We continue on, without thought of those others.

The others that are part of our very life,

But move because of habit of not including all.

We are not friends, but we are involved.

We each play a role, whether we choose to or not.

For this is our purpose.

To leave the unknown, for all cannot be known.

So we shall just continue on…

For I envy you.

I am jealous of you.

But I am pleased.


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