the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 35 – Lower Ninth

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It’s been broken, shattered and devastated
Drowned and torn up
Though time has passed
Slowly but fast
Minutes go by
Clouds of sorrow drift by
Days go on without a resolution
Beat up hearts are crushed by

What was once alive
Now struggles to survive
But some revive

Because years ago
It was broken, shattered and devastated
And though time has elapsed
It has been recreated
Through hours of toil
To reinvigorate the soil
For seeds to grow
For people to grow
For water to flow
But never again with a killing force

For this has taught us
The true pain
And in the eyes of those affected
Life has been resurrected
As dedicated hearts work to replenish:
Faith, trust and hope

As determined souls crave understanding
With perseverance, its an open ear they’re demanding
All you other people,
Just listen:

You can finally hear the challenges you’ve been missin’.


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