the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 32 – Boom

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In an attempt to feel content in this skin
I recognize with my eyes the lies I’ve been livin’ in
For truth in my youth was a reflection of ignorance
As I would optimistically paint over each hindrance,
Each flaw and imperfection and misguided direction
By habit, I’d highlight and color-code each section
Therefore organizing and storing the realities away
But in truth, I had discovered how to keep demons at bay

When you’re young, you see things in black and white
Wrong or right
Choices can be made swiftly,

So when I was young, I developed this mentality
And decided that my view on life was reality
Without question, I accepted each definition
And charged on without inhibition toward my ambition
Little did I know that my kind view of this world
Was naïve, poorly conceived by a young, sheltered girl
Without knowledge of violence, suffering or greed
Nor visions of prisons, nor helpless hearts that would bleed
My dictionary was a stranger to poverty and corruption
And my innocent being remained distant from destruction
My mosaic with tiles of the sun and an ocean breeze
Was never showcased alongside genocide, hunger, or disease.
For my shallow pool of playgrounds and fairgrounds
Kept me safe from desperation and painful sounds

So today, I see that I see nothing at all
And though my impact on this planet will be unimportant and small

I want to fight this war, though chances say I may loose
Ultimate change is an explosion, so I’m lighting the fuse.


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