the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 31 – An Unstoppable Force

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It comes swiftly
It leaves me slowly
It passes often
Or not at all

It stops when it wants to
Without taking note of whether or not I need it
Or want it
Or despise it
Or miss it
Or long for it

I order it to move out of my way
But I long for it to captivate me

All around me
It surrounds me
And it often drowns me
In my own thoughts

That’s my problem:
I try to control it
Categorize it
Organize it
Rationalize it
And it never ends the way I imagine
For it owns me
And I can never own it
I have no leverage
No bargaining chip

It has no weakness
It charges on
It ignores my requests
Though I beg for mercy

It chooses its victims, its many victims
And it chooses those who are equally blessed
They are the lucky ones
I abhor the lucky ones
For I anticipate being lucky enough
To be graced by good fortune and its presence soon…


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