the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 29 – My Only Request

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I feel the weakness
that you feel
when you want to feel something real

Tell yourself
“no more”
and beauty loses its appeal

You urge
your whole self to appear

As if your ears
are not plagued
by the inconceivable madness that you hear

You rush yourself
force yourself
prepare your mind to be ready

To seem fine
remaining on course and steady

Yet you punish
for mistakenly going astray

And for taking
a wrong turn
or getting lost along the way

I feel the longing
that you wish
would take you closer to your whim

You search inside
to feel whole
to remove the venom deep within

Your constant hope
for a safe haven
where your rapture can truly burn

Your pending thirst
Still unquenched
For a taste of contentment you do yearn

You toss and turn
late and often
interrupting your vivid nightmares

Seek out a calm
To hide from your own cruel terrors

Seek serenity
your sanity
just in case its easy to come across

Willing to pay
with your soul
you’ll surrender at any cost

But in the chance
that you don’t
feel weak or severely broken

I pray you also choose
to never
leave your words of grief unspoken


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