the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 28 – Forgive Me, For I Won’t Speak These Words

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Your anger is something I cannot handle
I cannot face it, nor erase it
I want to eradicate it from your vocabulary
Confront it
Challenge it
Chase it until it has no where to hide
And at the same time make you surrender your pride

I jokingly admit that I live in fear of your abrupt hate
And while your efforts I appreciate
I wish that I could alleviate and placate
The ferocity that drives your raging temper
Or the blood that pumps through your veins
Boiling, toiling, and tumbling through the roughest terrains
Of rigid, charcoal-black land
And a toxic mist, which awaits its next unassuming victim

Your dishonesty is something that I cannot handle
I cannot understand it, nor accept it
I refuse to give you the benefit of the doubt
For it’s your very words that I do doubt
Without second thoughts, I watch you dance through tangle knots
And vines of lies and second tries
As I have granted you chances to redeem yourself
And reinvent yourself
And redirect yourself

But of course I cannot transform you into a better you
For this is something you must do
Despite the twisted roads you have paved
And the childish ways in which you’ve misbehaved;
Despite the selfish power you have craved
And the starving minds you have depraved.

Still, I paint this mural of myself:
I am victim, the innocent one.
But am I wrong to dictate such a story,
One that is just one-sided?
As I chase the truth until it hides
And develop a new reality that masks the parting divide?


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