the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 27 – Speak for Yourself

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Remember the time I told you…
Remember the time where I told you that I had come across
This hypnotizing, magical state of bliss?
It started off a little something like this:
“From my mind, words emanate…”
And ended with me “finding love,”
Or some nonsense like that.
It alluded to
Something about
meeting my fate?

Well it was real
But it wasn’t really true
For love is nonsense in its finest sense
Where emotion and commotion collide
And tightened muscles become even more tense

And too often I find myself coming to conclusions
Of visions consisting of images and illusions.
Illusions where the jealous mind plays tricks on our optimistic hearts
Like targets, we are aimed at, with vicious darts.

See? I have very little patience for fate.
Though I believe, yes, I do, in choices

Choices can twist you and pull you
Down steep cliffs
Or up enchanting trails through forests of
Pine and lush green
Where you may wish for your most unhealthy dream
Of cheery laughter,
A life of decadence,
Or one of simple and pure happiness.

Choices will chew you up ‘til its too late
Offering solutions, but you will contemplate
And create narrow passageways, then you’ll hesitate
Sometimes diffusing or refusing temptations
Or the deadly sins, offering and teasing you with bait.

Choices will bend you
Break you
Hurt you
Shake you
Rip out your core until you feel nothing
And you are literally left with nothing.

But these choices, dear.
They are what build you up
And they allow for ladders
And staircases
To appear, as if it were meant to be:
You are to persevere.

And suddenly you are tall again
Standing, supported by your own two feet
So forget fate for a minute
And make your own choice
Soon enough
You’ll be listening
To your own


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