the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 24 – A Roundabout Way of Saying It

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It’s easy to do nothing

It’s hard to just let go

Too often I search this life

For the answers I must know

I even dream of a place

Where life is painted, calm

A breeze across the waters

Swaying with each palm

Here, the past is absent

Violence is just a myth

Harmony simply prevails

And hatred does not exist

Here, I dream endlessly

I pardon all self-blame

My heart learns how to smile

And compassion is free game

I want to stay here forever

Though the pain will tighten up

Unearthed, unsafe, unruly

And the weight won’t lighten up

The weight may be too heavy

Reality may be too much

But sincerely, I refuse,

And change the future just as such:

No, Too often I search this life

For reasons why I live

But today, yes today,

I’m reminded to just forgive.


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