the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 19 – Just a Gift (from Me to You)

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Hey guess what
I’ve got something for you
Trust me, you’ll love it
You’ll love it better than I do

No really, it’s addicting
I feel like you two will get along
It’s something that will prove
That you are never wrong

In fact, you already know it
You know it deep within your soul
Sometimes it is the one
That fills that empty hole

Still confused, are you?
Don’t know about this special gift?
I’m surprised, ‘cause you’ve already got it
It’s something you simply can’t resist

Sometimes you deny you have it
Or forget that it is there
But you don’t ever try to lose it
‘Cause you just pretend that you don’t care

Indeed, you two are meant to be
You already rely on one another
It’s easy, takes no effort
It’s only a lie you have to utter

Don’t get it? Are you confused?
Was I not clear when I said lie?
Did I not say it loudly the second time?
Really, you don’t have to hide or deny

We all do it, we all tell lies
Sometimes it’s easier than the truth
It’s a drug that you’ll enjoy
As you create your own abuse

It’s funny, because I’m being honest
I’m not twisting a tangled web
I simply watch as you return
Like waves you flow forth and ebb

I’ve seen this time and time again
I know what it looks like
Please I’m not here to chastise
I do not intend to start a fight

I just wanted you to know
You can have all the lies I own
Take them now, forever
This is an action that I’ll condone

Really, take them with you
It’s a gift I’m here to give
Besides it’s not like I want them
I don’t need them to breathe, to live

You already do it anyway
Take these lies, they’re yours to speak
Really, I do not need them
For they only leave me weak


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