the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 14 – Yes, Here We Go

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Note: *Start at 0:20 of Nujabes, “Silver Morning” []

Told my brothers and
Said: “better understand
Life is a risk, man
It’s never ever planned

You can’t go back
To the way it was
It won’t be the same
Just embrace it, love

The ones in life
They inspire you
They help you out
They pull you through

So never feel like
You can’t touch the stars
Never try to mend
All the battle scars

It’s all right to cry
Every once in a while
But just take my shoes
And walk a mile

Then you’ll realize
It’ll be all right
Just hold on to life
With all your might

It may push you
In wicked ways
Just remember that
This is just a phase

Its never gon
Be easy, no
Just gotta breeze
Go with the flow

It’ll take you
On a sweet high
Just take a leap
And prepare to fly.”


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