the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 12 – Please, Step Aside

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I strive to do better. I work to be better.

Get what I want, and remain a go-getter.

I’ll never stop struggling, despite what you say.

Yes, I fight a new battle with each breaking day.

I know hatred, anger, depression, disgust

I know jealousy, sloth, grief, and mistrust

I know how self-pity can torment your mind

You impair your own senses, you choose to be blind

I’ve seen the lowest of the low; I’ve been there too

In fact, I’m there often, but I try to renew

My vision, perspective and all in between.

I create my own future, I plan shape and scheme

I choose to persevere, though the journey is long

And I ignore those who think that I do not belong

Learned how to reject poison of my own demise

I can avoid my own enemies in my crafted disguise

I push myself even with no ending in sight

I charge onward and upward, and yes, into the night

I rarely stop for a breath, I don’t stop to regret

Just get out of my way. Yall seen nothin’ yet.


One thought on “Day 12 – Please, Step Aside

  1. A poem of endurance, I love it! It shows your inner strength, what a beautiful piece. ❤

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