the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 11 – I Know Your Friends and Enemies

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I don’t care that you struggle
‘Cause babe, I struggle too
Besides, we all know Pain
We share what we’ve been through
We’re just tired of being angry
And bottling it all up
Then releasing the anger;
Like volcanoes, we erupt

Erupting lava and fire
Ash and acid from hell
Yes, I know Anger
I know him very well
He tries to tempt us all
Every chance that he gets
And we lose our perspective,
Rationality, we forget.

We misplace our focus
Patience, she slips away
She hides from Anger
As the skies darken to gray
The storm brews overhead
The moist air covers us all
The heavens become depressed
From the heavens, tears fall

Until Courage comes around
He’s strikingly bold
He shelters us from the chaos
Brings us in from the cold
He asks Anger to leave
Invites both Sadness and Delight
He offers us warmth
Lets us stay for the night

So at night, please just rest
Close your eyes. Breathe. Release.
Indulge in your dreams
And you shall find Peace


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