the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 3 – Revive: A poem in three parts

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Part I: Stop
Do not underestimate
I will not stop at any rate
I do not fear, anticipate:
Eyes of strife, past of hate
More pain to feel when you feel hate
We don’t hesitate, we discriminate
No words are left to alleviate
No action left to delegate
No new path to recreate
No dialogue to facilitate
No justice in this risky state
Don’t celebrate
Just because you feel irate?
Have we just changed our own fate?

Part II: Adrenaline
Rushing, always rushing
Crashing like a crushing
Wave, where the sea
Kisses the sand, understand
That these emotions I have felt
I feel them, felt them
Held them, in these two hands
Rushing through my body
I am tense
My shoulders ache
Where I’d rather not take action
For the slightest infraction
And without satisfaction
Without a taste of

Part III: Fuel
On a mission
Despite this incision
I have a vision
No deviation
No repetition,
Nor defined religion
I am here, I am livin’
A life where I can feel
Success, it rises from my chest
Come on
A little health competition
Never hurt anyone’s decision
To live out loud, ambition
It fuels me without inhibition


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