the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 2 – Self-Expression

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A lesson:
I will leave a lasting impression
Send it out with honesty
Just make it a confession

Hey, you listening?
Do I have your attention?
Can you understand what I’m saying
Or are you filled with apprehension?

Have you tried it?
Have you tried?
Just let it flow through your veins
Let it rise with the heat
Let it fall with summer rains

Breathe, inhale deep
Exhale and release
Speak the truth
Tell me now

Take a breath
Why speak so damn fast?
I told you, let it flow
Let this moment last

Last for eternity
An infinity
Ya feelin’ me?
Like you’re writing your own history
A memoir – you’re a visionary
Teach me all that you know and see
Like you’ve discovered your own epiphany

To your ears, it’s a symphony
To your heart, it’s a remedy
To your soul, yes it’s healing, see?
Your stronger, no longer unseen

So, allow it to write itself
Just ink to a blank page
Carve into the slate:
Your harmony
Your joy
Your anger
Your rage

Let it spill out
Let it go
Let the inhibitions float away
Unchain the cage and contemplate

A message you know you can relate
To the pain
The hurt
The scorn
The hate
Unfold the struggle you hid away
Undo the regret of yesterday

Untame the chaos
Unshame the regret
I will not judge you
Nor second guess
I trust your words
I embrace your mess

It’s my mess too
I know it too well
Like the back of my hand
Or my favorite song
I know what awaits
I know what you don’t want to show
Secrets that you want to hide
A feeling you don’t want remind
Yourself of what you felt, it was:
You do not want to confide

But didn’t I tell you?
You don’t have to relive it
Don’t bring it to life
Don’t miss it
Just remember it
Be patient

And you will be whole once more


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