the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 390 – Let the End Commence

I now pronounce you free
Free to decide the life you will lead

No more petty duties, nor deadlines to meet
Instead I ask you to think on your feet.

If your books and studies have chosen more of your time,
I’m sure you’ll make the best of each penny, nickel and dime.

If business and institutions have called you forth,
I hope you never lose yourself nor forget your true worth.

If life has chosen a more bitter course for you,
I hope that you’ll steer towards more oceans of blue.

Today you must realize: there are no safety nets,
So please do not dwell on defeats nor regrets.

There will be no one to tell you what to tackle each day,
With cement, stone, or brick, you have to pave your own way.

For life is uncertain, but it’s certainly true:
You are your own dictionary: you define you.

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Day 389 – At Candlelight

As I look back on these days when I committed to this cause,
Perhaps I didn’t anticipate the effect it would have on me.
And as it comes to a close, I worry that I will lose touch with myself.

What started as a simple attempt to better my inner-self
Formed into an effort of greater proportions and purpose
A journey from which something novel materialized

What I hoped to put into words, I found I could perform
I could act, and be, and love in a deeper way
I could live in my surroundings with all five senses.

I learned to not dwell too much on my thoughts,
For once they made their way to the page
I was at peace with my deepest quarrels.

I could analyze, hate, and love everything at once
And was okay with not making sense
I learned to be kind to every occurrence

Each experience and mishap could transform
Depending on whether or not I wanted them to
And each blank slate was a fresh start

I hope to find more new beginnings
New canvases to paint my mind onto
So I may unload all of my dreams and desires

I do not know of the next form this slate will take
But I hope it can cleanse me as powerfully
And carefully, as this journey has.

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Day 388 – Dressed in Robes

Phase one of this weekend,
To end all of the weeks prior to today.
The weeks filled with days filled with hours
Just studying away

Why, we have learned many lessons,
We have known struggle and success
But time will tell if we make
Today count more than the rest

As we dress in these robes,
With our heads upright,
Our posture is perfect
And the timing is right.

So let us make today worthwhile,
And spend each minute without fear
For we have finally arrived
The next era begins here.

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Day 387 – Unwanted Fears

They just come out of nowhere.
Out of right or left field,
unexpected and unwanted.
They creep into our skin
before we even blink
And leave us without time
to process or think.
Just when we’ve conquered one,
Another rises up
and has us in a choke hold.
We think we can wrestle our way out,
But sometimes we cannot
muster up the strength to break free.
How I wish fears could just let me be.

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Day 386 – Superhuman Mothers

To all women who disdain being “put in their place”
There is nothing wrong with being a Soccer Mom.
If, in fact, this is something you fear, then
I hope you never become a mother at all.

Perhaps you do not have the ability to love others more than yourself,
Nor the sense to know how to run a household.
Perhaps you do not know the gratification from loving endlessly,
Nor the ability to carry unimaginable loads.

I am most thankful for the Soccer Moms,
The ones who have chosen a life where their work
Does not always demand an equal pay
No, they do not run out when it gets too tough.

And if you know a hardworking mother,
Like one that I have, you know her to be a superhuman.
Able to balance the health of all of her children,
Her spouse, her relatives, her friends.

To be a mother, you have to be present.
You have to arrive (not bow down) when you are needed.
Mothers are needed, and they want to be needed.
They are the nurturers of our entire society.

I may not be ready to be a mother,
But if I ever am blessed to be one someday,
I hope to be as wise and as strong,
And to always be able to soldier on.

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Day 385 – Make Courageous Escapes

Dream of escapes beyond your grasp
Think up possibilities that may never last
Bottle up wishes, but do not store them for long
Make two or three rights for each you’ve done wrong
Add stacks of mess to all that is sound
Create piles of imagination, then tear them all down
Try everything that is hard, do not be afraid
For courage cannot be bought, but it can be made
It can be shaped into whatever you please
So make it worthwhile, and make it with ease